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Parenting a young child is the most rewarding, trying, and important job we will ever take on. We want our children to grow up to be happy and healthy people. We want our children to develop the skills they need to meet their highest potential. The rate and manner in which our children develop these skills can vary, and this sometimes can cause us some concern. 


That is why we are here. To help children AND parents. As the parent, you understand your child's personality and skill set better than anyone else. Your child is your expertise. We believe that if we can combine our knowledge of pediatric therapy with your knowledge of your child, together we can help your child achieve great results. Our services are rooted in a team approach.


If you have concerns about your child's development or if you simply need an answer to one of the many questions of parenting, please feel free to contact us. There is also a developmental checklist located here to help you better understand if your child may benefit from our services. 


Continue to check our Parents' Corner for important articles, websites, events, and news relating to child development. 


Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to teaming up with you to assist in the healthy development of your child. 

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